Our Mission 

" Help save sea turtles from extinction! "

About Us


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Turtle Watch @ Lang Tengah

The key to safeguarding our nesting population of turtles – predominantly Green Turtles – on Lang Tengah relies on constant and continued presence on the island, as this is the main deterrent to egg poachers.

Living 24 hours a day in the camp, we regularly patrol the nesting beaches on the island by night, relocating any nests that are laid on other beaches back to the safety of Turtle Beach.

Our patrols are hardly run-of-the-mill, unless you consider fireflies, phosphorescence, copious amounts of shooting stars, distant lightning and ancient creatures hauling themselves out of the sea as ordinary things to encounter.

Turtle Hatchery @ Tanjong Jara

Launched in 2016, we have partnered with Tanjong Jara Resort in Dungun where we run and manage a Turtle Hatchery. This project is mainly focused on working with the local communities to purchase Sea Turtle eggs that would otherwise sold to the local market to be consumed.   

The Sea Turtle eggs we purchase are fully funded by nest adoption and our team of conservationist would manage to hatchery to ensure a higher rate of survival for the hatchlings 

In 2019, our Tanjong Jara Hatchery project have save over 16,000 Sea Turtle eggs from being sold for consumption. 

Besides this, we also run outreach programs with resort guest and local communities such as hatchlings release, beach clean up and education. 

Find out more about our nest adoption here

New Projects

At our core, we are focused on turtle project but since 2018 we are expanding our operations from the shore, right down into the ocean.

Having already compiled a list of the island’s terrestrial fauna, we are now embarking upon marine research projects to see how we can better understand how to improve the health of this ecosystem. This will encompass looking at fish, coral and invertebrate abundance and diversity.

As far as biological research on Lang Tengah is concerned, the records of the marine park and WWF up until LTTW started work were described as ‘data deficient’. Our initiatives on the island are helping fill-in the blanks for both terrestrial and marine species found along this east-coast archipelago – and our preliminary studies have already turned up some interesting results.