Your generous support can help us save Sea Turtle Eggs which otherwise would be sold to the local markets as food


Throughout the world, sea turtle populations are dwindling, often as a result of human pressures. Here on the East Coast of Malaysia one of those pressures is the sale and consumption of sea turtle eggs. 

The sale of sea turtle eggs, except for leatherback sea turtles, is still a legal trade. It is considered a local delicacy to consume turtle eggs and this practice has unfortunately led to the local extinction of the leatherback population on the East Coast of Malaysia.The sale of eggs is done through a tender holder system, which means that each year, a local may bid on the tender for a particular beach and, if successful, they obtain the rights to the eggs on that beach.


Here at our Tanjong Jara project, we understand the need to conserve these precious eggs and we try to work with the government to protect these endangered species. The main beach you see in front of Tanjong Jara Resort, Tahu Tiga, is a reserve status beach that we look after via local rangers. Unfortunately, it is not feasible for us to support reserve status for all of our beaches, therefore we work with other local tender holders, who understand the value of our conservation work and endeavour to sell their collected eggs to us. By purchasing these eggs from the tender holder, we stop the sale of these eggs at the local market.

Any eggs purchased from the tender holders or found by the rangers on our beaches, get relocated to the safety of our hatcheries which we monitor throughout the season. After an incubation period of approximately two months, the sea turtles begin to hatch. To keep things as close to nature as possible, we will release these hatchlings under the cover of darkness, with some guests from the resort, as the hatchlings make their way down the beach runway into the sea.

Adoption Programme

As the local rangers need to be supported and the eggs from the local tender holders need to be purchased, this is where our adoption program comes in. If you would like to support the work that we do please consider adopting. We have two adoption options.